Wreathes Accross America

On last Saturday, my gymnastics team went to Wreathes Accross America at the Dixon Cemetary. We got there about 8:30 and there was a long line of cars headed to the cemetary. We met up with our teammates and tried to hear the ceremony that was put on. Right after the ceremony, we walked over to an area that had a bunch of boxes and started unpacking the wreathes that were suppose to go onto each grave. After all family members laid wreathes, then all the public could lay wreathes on the rest of the graves. It was really pretty after all the wreathes were laid. I think we heard that 11,000 wreathes were laid at the cemetary that day. It was a nice thing to do for all the veterens that served for our country. We never did it before but I hope we do it again next year.








Judges Cup – My teammate Qualified to National Judges cup!!!

A couple of Saturdays ago, was some of the Optional teams first meet. There was suppose to be 6 girls going and competing in level 7 but right before the meet, Regan hurt her foot and couldn’t compete and Matea hurt her hand and couldn’t compete. Both are better and can compete at the next meet. That left us with Kylie, Sameerah, Gigi and Lynse. Our whole team of Optionals went to go watch. Everyone did really good! Mostly all scores were over 9s. Great job teammates! Lynse competed and She got first place all around out of her session. The top 7 of 2 sessions compete at the Nationals judges cup. After the meet the whole team went and ate at the spaghetti factory and Lynse waited to find out if she was going to make it to compete at the National Judges cup. Turns out She had the highest score of both sessions and is going to Florida to compete for our state. Whoo hoo Lynse!

The Story of 4 friends and a cool video!

I can’t remember when all of us first met but it was after my level 4 season. I knew Kylie for awhile but Anna and Tatiana came after. We always did sooo many things together and we all made the best of friends. This year after regionals, and into our summer practice, Tatiana decided to quit 😦 At first we thought she was just talking about it but after we had a week off during summer, she didn’t come back. We couldn’t believe it. Gym was not going to be the same without her and we were all very sad. Then a couple of months go by and Anna says she might have to move 😦 first it was going to happen in september, then October, then for sure in November. And it did. Anna is moving. She is only moving to Dixon but her parents just aren’t able to get her to our gym anymore. NOOO ANNNAAA Don’t go! All of us tried to figure out ways to make it work for her but it really happened. She moved to another gym right after Thanksgiving. It was another sad day for Kylie and I. We will miss you Anna and Tot! I know we see you sometimes but it is not the same… Come back! This page will go to our memories of them and all of our fun times.

Also, before Anna left our coach Annie made this cool video of some of the skills we got over the summer. It’s pretty cool to watch.






Halloween – Halloween one ween.

I love Halloween! I pretty much love every holiday. This year I was a Ladybug and my sister was a bee! We have alot of people trick or treat with us. Belinda and her family, My aunt Zeba and her family, My uncle Michael and his family and My Nana Nina and Grandpa come too. We pretty much have the best neighborhood, down the steet from us kinda by my school, there is a house that gives out a brown bag full of candy bars. 10 or 11 full size candy bars. Ari actually goes to school with the boy that lives there. We always go to that house first. Its a tradition.! Of course this year the weather was soooo nice but then on Halloween it rained. 😦 It didn’t stop us though. Halloween one ween it will be for years to come. We watched the show and they never heard of halloween so when it was getting explained some how it came thru as Halloween one ween. For weeks my mom, my sister and I couldn’t stop saying it! Our holiday has now been renamed!

Olympic Trials 2012

Olympic Trials! Whoo hooo I was soo excited. This was going to be my 2nd olympic trials I was going too. I went with my mom and my team in 2008 and that was pretty cool but going this year was going to be even better.

I was really excited because right before Olympic trials was a mini vacation to Lake Almanor, We went with my moms friends last year and it was really fun so I knew it was going to be fun this year and Kylie was going with me too. Right before we went, my Nonnie was having a hard time breathing all the time and was couching all the time. She was going with us too. A couple days before she coughed so hard she thought she broke a rib (turns out she did). We had alot of fun although it was summer, for some reason it snowed up there! We weren’t really ready for that. My nonnie (my grandma) was in pain the whole time we were there and she didn’t get to do very much with us. I think we got back from our vacation and then had about a week and then we were going to be heading to San Jose for the Olympic trials. We bought the 4 day tickets because my mom was going to be there every day going to congress with Dream Xtreme. A couple days after we got back my nonnie found out some horrible news. She found out from the xray from her ribs and lungs that she had lung cancer. 😦 And a broken rib. This was horrible. I was so excited about the trials and so sad that my grandma was sick. She actually came with us to the trials because she had to watch my sister and I while my mom was at the classes. Also, Jeff, Camille and Helen all came. We all piled into my moms van to get places, I think there were like 11 of us. It was fun.

On the first night of the mens trials, we sat right behind Sam Mikulaks mom and girlfriend. We got a picture with her, shes a well known gymnast too. We also met Samantha Pezsek while we were walking to our seats. Pic with her too! And either later that night or the next day, Kylie and her cousin Bailey and my mom and Camille all went to subway and John Orozco was there buying a sandwich with his mom and dad. Yep, we were pretty cool. The next night during the womens competition we sat right in from of Jordyn Weibers whole family! We have pictures with her mom too! Next day mens competitition, Sams fans moved and the place was more crowded. Then on womens finals night, John Orozco stood in our stairway and watched the competition for along time!. We were also on the news and on TV the whole time because our team wore these flourescent yellow shirts and you couldn’t miss us. It was so much fun and so amazing! Jen and Kylie sat by bars for alittle bit and sat by Gabys mom. Gaby beat Jordyn by a tenth! So Jordyns family had to wait to see if she made the team. Her whole family was soooo nice and all of us were hoping sooo. It was a really exciting meet. I am sooooo happy we got to go. Thanks mom and dad.

Fiesta Days Parade

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, our gym is apart of the Fiesta Days Parade.  This year Im not sure what the theme was but it worked out really good for us because we made our float all about the Olympics!  We all got cool London Leos and walked and danced in the Parade.  Then we did 2 performances at one of the stages in the park.  It was hot!!!

Murder Mystery Birthday Party

My Birthday is on April 28th but since westerns were so close to my birthday, I wanted to wait till I came back to celebrate.  I was turning 11 and wanted to have a party no one did before.

My mom found this online company that you could do a murder mystery dinner from and we thought that would be fun and different.  The theme of the night was Miss Teen USA and everyone had to come as a Miss teen state.  I played 2 roles.  One before the murder happened and one after.  We all had clues and money and had to guess who killed who.  My mom and dad played and so did our cousin and Belinda – my moms friend.  They were the judges and the detective.   After that, we did a scavenger hunt at walmart.  We had a list of 20 things to get and broke up into 3 or 4 teams.  That was fun!  I would do that again.  This was a good birthday and I recommend doing a murder mystery party.

Level 9 Westerns

Watch out, I’m going to Boise, Idaho!

And I did. Along with My dad, Mom, Sister, Grandpa, Nana, Nonni, Papa, Kylie, Jen, Annie, Jeff, My uncle Mike, Sam, and Little Michael.  It also turns out I have family there!  My cousin Risa, and Lexi and Risa’s mom Peggy.  Samantha, My aunt in law also has family there too.

Our trip to Boise Started with a man falling down the escalator at the Sacramento airport.  It was scary to watch and we saw the whole thing happen.  He turned out to be okay but I think he missed his flight.

Once we were there, I had practice at the arena that night.  The next day we went swimming and then into town and walked around.  That night Kylie, Annie, Jen, my mom and myself all went to the Westerns Banquet.  It was at Boise State and over looked the blue football field. It was fun!  We met and talked with Amanda Borden and she was the main person talking at the Banquet.  There was also a gymnast there who broke her neck in college and then came back and competed again.  We sat at a table with gymnasts that lived in Boise and trained down the street.  Then Kylie and I danced to all the songs and Annie even danced a little too!

We stayed out till abut 10:45 or 11 then went back to the hotel.  My competition was first thing in the morning.

Turns out first thing in the morning in another state is not always great.  I think there was a 2 hour time difference so I was really tired. 😦

When I walked onto the floor for warm ups it was cool to see all the regions with their own colored leo.  Just big teams.  It was the first time that I got to wear a number on my leo.  That was cool!  At this meet I knew I was competing first for myself but Also for the Region 1 team.  This was the first time I was competing with enough girls to make a team since level 7.  In level 8 I had 2 teammates and in level 9 I had one until the first meet.  Megan.  She competed the first meet but then had a bad accident on bars and didn’t compete with me any more 😦

The way this meet works is that the Region 1 team was split into 2 groups.  I was in the first 6 that went first.  Our group started on Vault.  I was 3rd to go on vault.  This meet was going to be the first meet that I flipped a layout instead of a pike.  I did okay. I got a 9.2.    It was an okay start.

Then I went to bars.  I am not sure what happened.  Bars for my level 9 season were one of my better events.  That day at Westerns, they were not.  I just couldn’t get it together and I couldn’t do a pirouette on the high bar for anything.  I think I had one good warm up.  When I went to compete, I knew I had to have extra power to make it over the high bar and kinda over rotated making me compete “plan B”   Instead of just going into my swing half I had to Kip, clear hip handstand then swing half.  It was not good.  I got an 8.850.  That was my lowest bars all season I think.  Worst than a fall.  I was sad and mad.  I needed just my regular bar routine to keep up with the scores from the rest of the girls.  I also knew that there was no way I was going to get a 38 with that score and that was my goal for that meet.

Beam.  I just need a clean routine.  I wanted to make up for bars.  I did pretty good, Not as good as my state meet but I scored a 9.525.  Leading me to my last event, floor.  I was happy it was my last even.  At the last couple of meets it was my first so I thought it would be good for a change.  I competed and when I was done I got a 9.45.  9.45 was my highest score all season.  When I looked at the screen to see what place that put me in I was in first place!!!!  There were only a couple of girls in my rotation left to compete and then the other part of region 1.  I think after 2 girls I dropped to 2nd then 3rd then they cleared the scoreboard.

37.1 was my all-around score.  It was almost a point away from my goal but overall besides bars, I flipped my first layout, did a solid routine on beam and got my highest floor score.

Now to the awards.  They only placed out to 10th place out of 50.

I actually placed 6th on Beam and 6th on Floor and 12th for the All-Around.  That wasn’t that bad for my first year of level 9 and competing against 50 girls.  My level 9 season was now over.

We went out to lunch with everyone that came to watch me.  Then later that afternoon, we went over to my cousin Risa’s house in Idaho and she has abunch of horses.   So I went horsebackriding.  That was my first time ever, and it was alot of fun.  My mom, sister, grandpa, nonnie and Ari all went horsebackriding too.

My Westerns experience was then over and we went back home.

Level 9 Regionals

Level 9 Regionals. Regionals this year was different. I was going to regionals with really high expectations for myself. I wanted to do really good again. I wanted to be a Regional Champion again. But this year was also different because the top 12 qualified to Westerns. At the beginning of the year, Westerns was just talk about what comes after Regionals if you are one of the top gymnasts. In level 8, I knew regionals was the last meet of the season for me so I wanted to do good but there wasn’t extra pressure to qualify to somewhere. This year, I felt the pressure a little bit. I wanted to go to Westerns. Only so many girls get to go and I wanted too. I would be the first girl from my gym to go.

Regionals was in Las Vegas and there were 3 of us from our Optional team going. Me, and Tat and Anna. Kylie actually came too but Kylie hurt her arm so she wasn’t competing. We had to get to vegas early so we could do the practice at the area where the meet was going to be held. My meet wasn’t until the very end of the weekend so I watched my friends compete, went down the strip, went zip lining over Fremont street and waited.  (After my meet – I ate at the Heart Attack grill)

This year 37 girls were in my age division. I competed, I still did my pike for vault, 9.35 my highest score of the season, bars – 9.45 my highest score of the season, Beam – a pretty solid routine 9.6 and floor my highest score for it so far that year 9.4. My All-Around score turned out to be my highest ever! 37.8. A tenth better than the regional score I got the year before. So close to a 38. A 38 is one of my goals. It was a good score, Did I make it to Westerns? I place 6th on bars, 2nd on Beam and …. 4th All-Around! I qualified to Westerns. I was so excited and happy!

Next they called up all the qualifiers and then told us to go into the hall for instuctions. We were brought into a room and were sized for uniforms. Were were going to be competing together as the Region one team and would get a leo and sweats to wear to the meet. We were also given Shorts, shoes, a shirt, a backpack, headphones, a sweatshirt and a sunglass case.

Watch out, I’m going to Boise, Idaho! And I did. Along with My dad, Mom, Sister, Grandpa, Nana, Nonni, Papa, Kylie, Jen, Annie, Jeff, My uncle Mike, Sam, and Little Michael. I had a fan club. I’ll talk about that more in my Westerns Post.

Level 9 State

Level 9 State was held at a pretty cool place in Stockton. All the people who came to watch, watched from above in the stands. I got to the meet ready, started warm up and found out that I was starting on floor and that I was going 1st out of everyone in the meet. Uhhh. When I got to floor I started to tumble and on my second warm up pass I tripped and did some crazy roll onto my neck. Really, is this how my day was going to go? Good thing I tripped then and not during my routine! I did floor and got a 9.275. I thought I did good, I had a wobble but it wasn’t bad. Then to vault, My vault was good (I thought) but my score was low, 9.175 then bars – They were okay 9.35. And then beam. It was my last event and my favorite. I knew my all around score

was okay, I was watching the beam
scores before and knew I just had to stay on the beam and have staight legs. I did it. It was my best beam routine ever!!! 9.65. It was great. It was so close to a 9.7, which is my goal on beam. My
parents and I have a special deal worked out if I get a 9.7 so when I got off the beam I was hoping for one. But I’ll take a 9.65.

When it was time for awards, I knew I already qualified to Regionals. I placed 4th on Bars, and 1st on Beam. Yay, State Beam champion – I’ve never been a state champion before. I didn’t think my all around score was going to place very high but they kept calling names and mine wasn’t called. Finally they Called mine. 2nd All Around with a 37.425 at state! It was actually a tie for 2nd with Julia Endicot. She’sfrom Byers and we have known each other and have been competing with/against each other since level 7.

Level 9 State turned out to be a good meet! 🙂


On to Level 9

I know it seems like all Im talking about is gymnastics, that is because I have been going to gym Monday – Friday 5 days a week since I became a level 8. All year long. It is my life, and like a job. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love my teammates, my coaches, my gym. Im trying to catch up to what is going on now December 2012. This has been a really fun year, lots of good times and some sad times too. I lost a great grandpa – Papa, My nonnie got sick and still is, teammates quit or moved but there have been alot of really good things too.

My school year started with me becoming Student of the month for the district and Student of year at Laurel Creek! I got to help the principal – Mr Stockman with a bunch of Assemblies, received an award for student of the month/year at a school board meeting, I also got to receive the Distingueshed school award for our school. I led the special ceremony for becoming the Distinguished school in front of the whole school. It was alot of fun.

Right after Regionals, I started training level 9. I already had abunch of the skills but still needed to work on some of them.

My first meet of the Season was the Flips in Reno. It was my second meet in my gymnastics life that I didn’t get a medal on anything. It’s too bad too because my sister competed and did really well and the medals were really cute. On floor I fell on my double and got like an 8.5 or something. I hadn’t got a low score like that in along time. Beam was okay, but I missed a connection and I don’t remember what happened on bars. I know on vault I was still doing a yurchenko pike and others were doing a layout. My mom pointed out to me that a girl with a cast/splint who couldn’t even use her arm scored higher. Thanks mom. It was only the first meet and I went back to the gym knowing what I had to work on.

My next meet was much better! I consistantly got better scores but always seemed like I just couldn’t put all my events together. Finally at the Golden State classic I placed 1st on beam, floor and all around. I placed 3rd on vault, still with my pike – just couldn’t get my layout to open without a pike and 5th on bars. It was the last meet before state but State came quick.



Penelope – My Cat

For my 11th Birthday, I really wanted a dog but my mom and dad said no. When I was little we had a family dog Named Tyson but he didn’t like me and he bit me. I have the scar still on my head today. Then we tried to adopt a dog from the pound. We named him Kobe. He was crazy and hated our cat and rabbit and then started to try to eat Ari’s hair all the time and would knock her down to her bottom. We thought we was only 12 weeks old when we got him but the vet said he was more like 5 months. He didn’t work out with our other pets and we had him about 6 weeks but had to bring him back. The pound said he was friendly with other animals but he was not! Since I couldn’t get a dog, I thought I would ask for a kitten. We already had a cat named Buddy but he is an indoor/outdoor – garage cat. He is orange and HUGE. So my parents said yes, we will get you a kitten for your Birthday. I went to a different animal shelter and they had a bunch of little kittens. I really liked this black and white one and she liked me. It was my birthday and I had gym, but I asked my dad if he would get her and he did. Penelope loves my dad. He tries to say he doesn’t love her as much as she does him but he sits with her and pets her all the time and feeds her treats every morning! She is the greatest cat ever and I love her sooooo much. She loves all of us too. Even Ari who is really rough with her but I think she really like it??


Coming home – Regional Champion

I was happy and tired! And kinda sad that it was all over. But thanks to my Best friend Kylie, (yes I do have other friends but she is my best friend and has been for the longest) I came home to the coolest suprize. A really big poster on my garage. Welcome Home Regional Champion! KP You Rock. I still have the poster. I rolled it up and its in my closet. After that, the newspaper came and did a report on me. Then it was really cool, Narcisa a parent and president of the Parents club contact the city people and they city of Vacaville, County of Solano had me come to a special meeting and presented my whith a :resolution” for becoming a Regional champion and representing the city. I had to give a speech but it was ok. We have it hanging on a wall in our living room. Right after the presentation we got to tour the city building with our team. At the time our team was much smaller then and it was a school day so there weren’t too many gymnasts there. Then – on another day, the city of Vacaville presented me with another award and recognition from the city on my accomplishment. Thank you again to everyone with the awards…They are all really cool and I will never forget that day.



My life starts to get pretty exciting – Level 8

Going to my first level 8 meet was pretty unique. It was a travel meet to Las Vegas – Lady Luck. Up until that meet I was still trying tom make my vault consistant. So I had no idea what was going to happen at that meet. I got soooo lucky. For some reason it seemed like we had a really long vault warm up… Thank you! I think at the end of the warm up I got my vault down and stuck my first Yurchenko. I think I placed 3rd with it. The rest of my season I was still working out some problems. I remember at one meet I pretty much crashed, safetly and scored a 7.9 or something. By the end of season I was starting to come together. Meet after meet my scores kept rising. Finally to the state meet. It was a pretty good meet. My vault score was a little low, but then I placed 4th on Bars, 3rd on beam, 5th on Floor and 5th AA. My All around was a 37.375 which meant I qualified to Regionals! Whoo Hooo! Regionals were in LA in Anaheim, right by Disneyland. Daizsha, my teammate also made it to Regionals so the both of us went down together. We had to be down there thursday So we could practice that night and then I competed on Friday. We thought we’d get lucky – my mom broke her foot in march so we got her a wheelchair. We thought with the wheelchair we’d get on all the rides really quick in California land and Disneyland. On thursday before practice we went to Califormia land but no luck! Almost all the lines were big enough to push the chair thru so they didn’t give you any special access with a wheel chair 😦 My mom got tired of us pushing her and leaving her places that she decided just to walk, it was not worth it. She had a walking boot, but I remember my dad pushed us around since my mom didn’t want to use it. Friday morning came quick, I started on Floor – Following Pac West (A really Good team) with girls that I was placing right under most of the season. After the first couple of girls went, there was a problem with the score board and our scores didn’t show. I didn’t know what I got but I knew I did pretty good. Then to Vault. I vaulted, it was good and I heard the judge call 9.175 That wasnt bad but it wasnt good either. I didn’t know what everyone was scoring so I didn’t know if it was high or low. Then to bars. I went and got a 9.450 the scoreboard just started working again. The girl from Pac west went and I got the same score. Hmmm, I wonder what else she got? I knew we were tied at bars. I had to have a great beam. 9.575 stuck it, except a little pop on the landing. Her score was a couple of tenths lower. And our meet was over. What did she get on Vault and Floor? Both were her good events? I had good places. 3rd on Vault, 5th on Bars, 3rd on Beam, 3rd on floor… I’ll get 3rd AA maybe? They started calling the names. 5th place, blah blah blah, 4th Blah Blah Blah, 3rd Blah Blah Blah. I knew I had to be 2nd or 1st and it depended on the other girl. She came in first on something and 5th and 3rd? They called second place, It wasn’t my name!!! Then they called 1st place and it was!! I just became an All-Around Regional Champion! Im going to Disneyland! No really I was. We planned on going after the meet. It was great. For so many reasons. It was the best day ever. We Annie, Jeff, Reagan, my mom, dad, Ari and Daizsha and her family) went to celebrate at the Rainforest Cafe and finally made it to Disneyland about 5ish. We stayed till about midnight and my best day ever ended.

Nastia Luikin Camp and Disneyland with the Pero’s 2010

Nastia Luikin was hosting a gymnastics camp at UCLA. I got to go! So did Kylie and Megan and My sister Ari. We all got to stay in the dorm (except Ari, she wasn’t old enough – I know how that feels) It was pretty fun, we all got put into groups and had college coaches an UCLA girls coaching us. Ari had Anna Li as her counsler. Yes the one that was at the Olympic trials this year. Ari also got to take a real picture with Nastia. Dylan noticed her at the hotel my mom and Jen were staying at and Ari just happened to be wearing her special Nastia Leo for picture day. Lucky. Also right before the UCLA camp we drove down a couple of days before and went to Disneyland. We had some special tickets and stayed at a hotel with kylie and her family. Josh and Dylan went to Disnyland with us and we did everything in one day. A really hot day! It was right when the Toy Story ride came out so that was the longest line. The whole trip was REALLY fun! UCLA is pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind going there one day.

Level 7

Annie and Jen Had been coaching me for Level 6 and then 7. 7 was pretty fun! I was still going to Aerials gymnastics and I went to the judges cup to start off my season and although I didn’t get to go to the National Judges cup I was really happy I placed 4th on Beam out of all those girls. One of the last meets of 7 was the Meet in Washington. Just my mom and I went but it was really fun going to Seattle with our team. It was called the Battle in Seattle and it was my 1st 9.5 I ever got on floor. At that meet I took first for Beam, Floor and AA. It was my first time placing so well all season! After I went to the state meet and didn’t do so great 😦 My best event was beam. I got a 9.2 and got 6th place. After that meet our lives changed abit. There were alot of changes going on at our gym. My coaches were leaving and they were going to start a new gym and My best friend was too. My best friend, Kylie – Her mom is Jen Pero. One of my coaches. I left when they left and so did my mom. She was coaching at Aerials and my sister was on the Dynamite team there too. We all left, it was sad and hard to do but my coaches and my friend was leaving and my mom said it was important I kept all of them the same, so we did too. May 2010. Dream Xtreme here we come.
judges cup

Starting my blog with Gymnastics…Level 1,3, 4, 5, and 6

When I was 5 I started to compete in gymnastics. (I had been going to gymnastics since I was 2 1/2) I was going to Aerials and they asked me to be on their level 1 team. My mom said yes, so I started going to extra classes and I skipped level 2 and went to level 3. In level 3 I was the youngest and that is when I met my best friend Kylie. We competed in Mini meets together that were held at our gym until we made the level 4 team.

My 1st level 4 Meet was on my birthday when I turned 6! I was just old enough to compete and I won 1st All-Around! I was soooo excited and they made me stand up on the podium by myself and everyone sang happy birthday to me. From that minute on, I knew I was going to love competing! My coach in level 4 was Aimee, but she moved after that season. I remember we traveled to San Jose and Sacramento, and my biggest trip in level 4 was to Santa Cruz. It was the first time we stayed in a hotel as a team. It was fun! That summer, the rest of my team traveled to LA to a meet but I didn’t go because our family just got back from traveling to LA and San Diego for my great-grandparents anniversary. Then most of the team went to Woodward, but you had to be 7 and I was still 6 so I didn’t go. 😦

Then came Level 5. New Coaches: Jen and Susan I was an okay level 5, At zones I was vault and beam champ and came in 2nd AA… I went to level 5 state and came in 5th at state.

Then one of my favorite levels. Level 6. I was 8 and I only went to 1 meet to score out of level 6. The cool thing about it, was I got 1st on all the events and all around!!! And yes, there were other people competing! It was definitely a memorable meet.