Coming home – Regional Champion

I was happy and tired! And kinda sad that it was all over. But thanks to my Best friend Kylie, (yes I do have other friends but she is my best friend and has been for the longest) I came home to the coolest suprize. A really big poster on my garage. Welcome Home Regional Champion! KP You Rock. I still have the poster. I rolled it up and its in my closet. After that, the newspaper came and did a report on me. Then it was really cool, Narcisa a parent and president of the Parents club contact the city people and they city of Vacaville, County of Solano had me come to a special meeting and presented my whith a :resolution” for becoming a Regional champion and representing the city. I had to give a speech but it was ok. We have it hanging on a wall in our living room. Right after the presentation we got to tour the city building with our team. At the time our team was much smaller then and it was a school day so there weren’t too many gymnasts there. Then – on another day, the city of Vacaville presented me with another award and recognition from the city on my accomplishment. Thank you again to everyone with the awards…They are all really cool and I will never forget that day.



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