Level 7

Annie and Jen Had been coaching me for Level 6 and then 7. 7 was pretty fun! I was still going to Aerials gymnastics and I went to the judges cup to start off my season and although I didn’t get to go to the National Judges cup I was really happy I placed 4th on Beam out of all those girls. One of the last meets of 7 was the Meet in Washington. Just my mom and I went but it was really fun going to Seattle with our team. It was called the Battle in Seattle and it was my 1st 9.5 I ever got on floor. At that meet I took first for Beam, Floor and AA. It was my first time placing so well all season! After I went to the state meet and didn’t do so great 😦 My best event was beam. I got a 9.2 and got 6th place. After that meet our lives changed abit. There were alot of changes going on at our gym. My coaches were leaving and they were going to start a new gym and My best friend was too. My best friend, Kylie – Her mom is Jen Pero. One of my coaches. I left when they left and so did my mom. She was coaching at Aerials and my sister was on the Dynamite team there too. We all left, it was sad and hard to do but my coaches and my friend was leaving and my mom said it was important I kept all of them the same, so we did too. May 2010. Dream Xtreme here we come.
judges cup

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