My life starts to get pretty exciting – Level 8

Going to my first level 8 meet was pretty unique. It was a travel meet to Las Vegas – Lady Luck. Up until that meet I was still trying tom make my vault consistant. So I had no idea what was going to happen at that meet. I got soooo lucky. For some reason it seemed like we had a really long vault warm up… Thank you! I think at the end of the warm up I got my vault down and stuck my first Yurchenko. I think I placed 3rd with it. The rest of my season I was still working out some problems. I remember at one meet I pretty much crashed, safetly and scored a 7.9 or something. By the end of season I was starting to come together. Meet after meet my scores kept rising. Finally to the state meet. It was a pretty good meet. My vault score was a little low, but then I placed 4th on Bars, 3rd on beam, 5th on Floor and 5th AA. My All around was a 37.375 which meant I qualified to Regionals! Whoo Hooo! Regionals were in LA in Anaheim, right by Disneyland. Daizsha, my teammate also made it to Regionals so the both of us went down together. We had to be down there thursday So we could practice that night and then I competed on Friday. We thought we’d get lucky – my mom broke her foot in march so we got her a wheelchair. We thought with the wheelchair we’d get on all the rides really quick in California land and Disneyland. On thursday before practice we went to Califormia land but no luck! Almost all the lines were big enough to push the chair thru so they didn’t give you any special access with a wheel chair 😦 My mom got tired of us pushing her and leaving her places that she decided just to walk, it was not worth it. She had a walking boot, but I remember my dad pushed us around since my mom didn’t want to use it. Friday morning came quick, I started on Floor – Following Pac West (A really Good team) with girls that I was placing right under most of the season. After the first couple of girls went, there was a problem with the score board and our scores didn’t show. I didn’t know what I got but I knew I did pretty good. Then to Vault. I vaulted, it was good and I heard the judge call 9.175 That wasnt bad but it wasnt good either. I didn’t know what everyone was scoring so I didn’t know if it was high or low. Then to bars. I went and got a 9.450 the scoreboard just started working again. The girl from Pac west went and I got the same score. Hmmm, I wonder what else she got? I knew we were tied at bars. I had to have a great beam. 9.575 stuck it, except a little pop on the landing. Her score was a couple of tenths lower. And our meet was over. What did she get on Vault and Floor? Both were her good events? I had good places. 3rd on Vault, 5th on Bars, 3rd on Beam, 3rd on floor… I’ll get 3rd AA maybe? They started calling the names. 5th place, blah blah blah, 4th Blah Blah Blah, 3rd Blah Blah Blah. I knew I had to be 2nd or 1st and it depended on the other girl. She came in first on something and 5th and 3rd? They called second place, It wasn’t my name!!! Then they called 1st place and it was!! I just became an All-Around Regional Champion! Im going to Disneyland! No really I was. We planned on going after the meet. It was great. For so many reasons. It was the best day ever. We Annie, Jeff, Reagan, my mom, dad, Ari and Daizsha and her family) went to celebrate at the Rainforest Cafe and finally made it to Disneyland about 5ish. We stayed till about midnight and my best day ever ended.

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