Nastia Luikin Camp and Disneyland with the Pero’s 2010

Nastia Luikin was hosting a gymnastics camp at UCLA. I got to go! So did Kylie and Megan and My sister Ari. We all got to stay in the dorm (except Ari, she wasn’t old enough – I know how that feels) It was pretty fun, we all got put into groups and had college coaches an UCLA girls coaching us. Ari had Anna Li as her counsler. Yes the one that was at the Olympic trials this year. Ari also got to take a real picture with Nastia. Dylan noticed her at the hotel my mom and Jen were staying at and Ari just happened to be wearing her special Nastia Leo for picture day. Lucky. Also right before the UCLA camp we drove down a couple of days before and went to Disneyland. We had some special tickets and stayed at a hotel with kylie and her family. Josh and Dylan went to Disnyland with us and we did everything in one day. A really hot day! It was right when the Toy Story ride came out so that was the longest line. The whole trip was REALLY fun! UCLA is pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind going there one day.

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