Penelope – My Cat

For my 11th Birthday, I really wanted a dog but my mom and dad said no. When I was little we had a family dog Named Tyson but he didn’t like me and he bit me. I have the scar still on my head today. Then we tried to adopt a dog from the pound. We named him Kobe. He was crazy and hated our cat and rabbit and then started to try to eat Ari’s hair all the time and would knock her down to her bottom. We thought we was only 12 weeks old when we got him but the vet said he was more like 5 months. He didn’t work out with our other pets and we had him about 6 weeks but had to bring him back. The pound said he was friendly with other animals but he was not! Since I couldn’t get a dog, I thought I would ask for a kitten. We already had a cat named Buddy but he is an indoor/outdoor – garage cat. He is orange and HUGE. So my parents said yes, we will get you a kitten for your Birthday. I went to a different animal shelter and they had a bunch of little kittens. I really liked this black and white one and she liked me. It was my birthday and I had gym, but I asked my dad if he would get her and he did. Penelope loves my dad. He tries to say he doesn’t love her as much as she does him but he sits with her and pets her all the time and feeds her treats every morning! She is the greatest cat ever and I love her sooooo much. She loves all of us too. Even Ari who is really rough with her but I think she really like it??


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