Starting my blog with Gymnastics…Level 1,3, 4, 5, and 6

When I was 5 I started to compete in gymnastics. (I had been going to gymnastics since I was 2 1/2) I was going to Aerials and they asked me to be on their level 1 team. My mom said yes, so I started going to extra classes and I skipped level 2 and went to level 3. In level 3 I was the youngest and that is when I met my best friend Kylie. We competed in Mini meets together that were held at our gym until we made the level 4 team.

My 1st level 4 Meet was on my birthday when I turned 6! I was just old enough to compete and I won 1st All-Around! I was soooo excited and they made me stand up on the podium by myself and everyone sang happy birthday to me. From that minute on, I knew I was going to love competing! My coach in level 4 was Aimee, but she moved after that season. I remember we traveled to San Jose and Sacramento, and my biggest trip in level 4 was to Santa Cruz. It was the first time we stayed in a hotel as a team. It was fun! That summer, the rest of my team traveled to LA to a meet but I didn’t go because our family just got back from traveling to LA and San Diego for my great-grandparents anniversary. Then most of the team went to Woodward, but you had to be 7 and I was still 6 so I didn’t go. đŸ˜¦

Then came Level 5. New Coaches: Jen and Susan I was an okay level 5, At zones I was vault and beam champ and came in 2nd AA… I went to level 5 state and came in 5th at state.

Then one of my favorite levels. Level 6. I was 8 and I only went to 1 meet to score out of level 6. The cool thing about it, was I got 1st on all the events and all around!!! And yes, there were other people competing! It was definitely a memorable meet.

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