Level 9 Regionals

Level 9 Regionals. Regionals this year was different. I was going to regionals with really high expectations for myself. I wanted to do really good again. I wanted to be a Regional Champion again. But this year was also different because the top 12 qualified to Westerns. At the beginning of the year, Westerns was just talk about what comes after Regionals if you are one of the top gymnasts. In level 8, I knew regionals was the last meet of the season for me so I wanted to do good but there wasn’t extra pressure to qualify to somewhere. This year, I felt the pressure a little bit. I wanted to go to Westerns. Only so many girls get to go and I wanted too. I would be the first girl from my gym to go.

Regionals was in Las Vegas and there were 3 of us from our Optional team going. Me, and Tat and Anna. Kylie actually came too but Kylie hurt her arm so she wasn’t competing. We had to get to vegas early so we could do the practice at the area where the meet was going to be held. My meet wasn’t until the very end of the weekend so I watched my friends compete, went down the strip, went zip lining over Fremont street and waited.  (After my meet – I ate at the Heart Attack grill)

This year 37 girls were in my age division. I competed, I still did my pike for vault, 9.35 my highest score of the season, bars – 9.45 my highest score of the season, Beam – a pretty solid routine 9.6 and floor my highest score for it so far that year 9.4. My All-Around score turned out to be my highest ever! 37.8. A tenth better than the regional score I got the year before. So close to a 38. A 38 is one of my goals. It was a good score, Did I make it to Westerns? I place 6th on bars, 2nd on Beam and …. 4th All-Around! I qualified to Westerns. I was so excited and happy!

Next they called up all the qualifiers and then told us to go into the hall for instuctions. We were brought into a room and were sized for uniforms. Were were going to be competing together as the Region one team and would get a leo and sweats to wear to the meet. We were also given Shorts, shoes, a shirt, a backpack, headphones, a sweatshirt and a sunglass case.

Watch out, I’m going to Boise, Idaho! And I did. Along with My dad, Mom, Sister, Grandpa, Nana, Nonni, Papa, Kylie, Jen, Annie, Jeff, My uncle Mike, Sam, and Little Michael. I had a fan club. I’ll talk about that more in my Westerns Post.

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