Level 9 State

Level 9 State was held at a pretty cool place in Stockton. All the people who came to watch, watched from above in the stands. I got to the meet ready, started warm up and found out that I was starting on floor and that I was going 1st out of everyone in the meet. Uhhh. When I got to floor I started to tumble and on my second warm up pass I tripped and did some crazy roll onto my neck. Really, is this how my day was going to go? Good thing I tripped then and not during my routine! I did floor and got a 9.275. I thought I did good, I had a wobble but it wasn’t bad. Then to vault, My vault was good (I thought) but my score was low, 9.175 then bars – They were okay 9.35. And then beam. It was my last event and my favorite. I knew my all around score

was okay, I was watching the beam
scores before and knew I just had to stay on the beam and have staight legs. I did it. It was my best beam routine ever!!! 9.65. It was great. It was so close to a 9.7, which is my goal on beam. My
parents and I have a special deal worked out if I get a 9.7 so when I got off the beam I was hoping for one. But I’ll take a 9.65.

When it was time for awards, I knew I already qualified to Regionals. I placed 4th on Bars, and 1st on Beam. Yay, State Beam champion – I’ve never been a state champion before. I didn’t think my all around score was going to place very high but they kept calling names and mine wasn’t called. Finally they Called mine. 2nd All Around with a 37.425 at state! It was actually a tie for 2nd with Julia Endicot. She’sfrom Byers and we have known each other and have been competing with/against each other since level 7.

Level 9 State turned out to be a good meet! 🙂


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