On to Level 9

I know it seems like all Im talking about is gymnastics, that is because I have been going to gym Monday – Friday 5 days a week since I became a level 8. All year long. It is my life, and like a job. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love my teammates, my coaches, my gym. Im trying to catch up to what is going on now December 2012. This has been a really fun year, lots of good times and some sad times too. I lost a great grandpa – Papa, My nonnie got sick and still is, teammates quit or moved but there have been alot of really good things too.

My school year started with me becoming Student of the month for the district and Student of year at Laurel Creek! I got to help the principal – Mr Stockman with a bunch of Assemblies, received an award for student of the month/year at a school board meeting, I also got to receive the Distingueshed school award for our school. I led the special ceremony for becoming the Distinguished school in front of the whole school. It was alot of fun.

Right after Regionals, I started training level 9. I already had abunch of the skills but still needed to work on some of them.

My first meet of the Season was the Flips in Reno. It was my second meet in my gymnastics life that I didn’t get a medal on anything. It’s too bad too because my sister competed and did really well and the medals were really cute. On floor I fell on my double and got like an 8.5 or something. I hadn’t got a low score like that in along time. Beam was okay, but I missed a connection and I don’t remember what happened on bars. I know on vault I was still doing a yurchenko pike and others were doing a layout. My mom pointed out to me that a girl with a cast/splint who couldn’t even use her arm scored higher. Thanks mom. It was only the first meet and I went back to the gym knowing what I had to work on.

My next meet was much better! I consistantly got better scores but always seemed like I just couldn’t put all my events together. Finally at the Golden State classic I placed 1st on beam, floor and all around. I placed 3rd on vault, still with my pike – just couldn’t get my layout to open without a pike and 5th on bars. It was the last meet before state but State came quick.



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