Murder Mystery Birthday Party

My Birthday is on April 28th but since westerns were so close to my birthday, I wanted to wait till I came back to celebrate.  I was turning 11 and wanted to have a party no one did before.

My mom found this online company that you could do a murder mystery dinner from and we thought that would be fun and different.  The theme of the night was Miss Teen USA and everyone had to come as a Miss teen state.  I played 2 roles.  One before the murder happened and one after.  We all had clues and money and had to guess who killed who.  My mom and dad played and so did our cousin and Belinda – my moms friend.  They were the judges and the detective.   After that, we did a scavenger hunt at walmart.  We had a list of 20 things to get and broke up into 3 or 4 teams.  That was fun!  I would do that again.  This was a good birthday and I recommend doing a murder mystery party.

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