Halloween – Halloween one ween.

I love Halloween! I pretty much love every holiday. This year I was a Ladybug and my sister was a bee! We have alot of people trick or treat with us. Belinda and her family, My aunt Zeba and her family, My uncle Michael and his family and My Nana Nina and Grandpa come too. We pretty much have the best neighborhood, down the steet from us kinda by my school, there is a house that gives out a brown bag full of candy bars. 10 or 11 full size candy bars. Ari actually goes to school with the boy that lives there. We always go to that house first. Its a tradition.! Of course this year the weather was soooo nice but then on Halloween it rained. 😦 It didn’t stop us though. Halloween one ween it will be for years to come. We watched the show and they never heard of halloween so when it was getting explained some how it came thru as Halloween one ween. For weeks my mom, my sister and I couldn’t stop saying it! Our holiday has now been renamed!

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