Judges Cup – My teammate Qualified to National Judges cup!!!

A couple of Saturdays ago, was some of the Optional teams first meet. There was suppose to be 6 girls going and competing in level 7 but right before the meet, Regan hurt her foot and couldn’t compete and Matea hurt her hand and couldn’t compete. Both are better and can compete at the next meet. That left us with Kylie, Sameerah, Gigi and Lynse. Our whole team of Optionals went to go watch. Everyone did really good! Mostly all scores were over 9s. Great job teammates! Lynse competed and She got first place all around out of her session. The top 7 of 2 sessions compete at the Nationals judges cup. After the meet the whole team went and ate at the spaghetti factory and Lynse waited to find out if she was going to make it to compete at the National Judges cup. Turns out She had the highest score of both sessions and is going to Florida to compete for our state. Whoo hoo Lynse!

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