Olympic Trials 2012

Olympic Trials! Whoo hooo I was soo excited. This was going to be my 2nd olympic trials I was going too. I went with my mom and my team in 2008 and that was pretty cool but going this year was going to be even better.

I was really excited because right before Olympic trials was a mini vacation to Lake Almanor, We went with my moms friends last year and it was really fun so I knew it was going to be fun this year and Kylie was going with me too. Right before we went, my Nonnie was having a hard time breathing all the time and was couching all the time. She was going with us too. A couple days before she coughed so hard she thought she broke a rib (turns out she did). We had alot of fun although it was summer, for some reason it snowed up there! We weren’t really ready for that. My nonnie (my grandma) was in pain the whole time we were there and she didn’t get to do very much with us. I think we got back from our vacation and then had about a week and then we were going to be heading to San Jose for the Olympic trials. We bought the 4 day tickets because my mom was going to be there every day going to congress with Dream Xtreme. A couple days after we got back my nonnie found out some horrible news. She found out from the xray from her ribs and lungs that she had lung cancer. 😦 And a broken rib. This was horrible. I was so excited about the trials and so sad that my grandma was sick. She actually came with us to the trials because she had to watch my sister and I while my mom was at the classes. Also, Jeff, Camille and Helen all came. We all piled into my moms van to get places, I think there were like 11 of us. It was fun.

On the first night of the mens trials, we sat right behind Sam Mikulaks mom and girlfriend. We got a picture with her, shes a well known gymnast too. We also met Samantha Pezsek while we were walking to our seats. Pic with her too! And either later that night or the next day, Kylie and her cousin Bailey and my mom and Camille all went to subway and John Orozco was there buying a sandwich with his mom and dad. Yep, we were pretty cool. The next night during the womens competition we sat right in from of Jordyn Weibers whole family! We have pictures with her mom too! Next day mens competitition, Sams fans moved and the place was more crowded. Then on womens finals night, John Orozco stood in our stairway and watched the competition for along time!. We were also on the news and on TV the whole time because our team wore these flourescent yellow shirts and you couldn’t miss us. It was so much fun and so amazing! Jen and Kylie sat by bars for alittle bit and sat by Gabys mom. Gaby beat Jordyn by a tenth! So Jordyns family had to wait to see if she made the team. Her whole family was soooo nice and all of us were hoping sooo. It was a really exciting meet. I am sooooo happy we got to go. Thanks mom and dad.

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