The Story of 4 friends and a cool video!

I can’t remember when all of us first met but it was after my level 4 season. I knew Kylie for awhile but Anna and Tatiana came after. We always did sooo many things together and we all made the best of friends. This year after regionals, and into our summer practice, Tatiana decided to quit 😦 At first we thought she was just talking about it but after we had a week off during summer, she didn’t come back. We couldn’t believe it. Gym was not going to be the same without her and we were all very sad. Then a couple of months go by and Anna says she might have to move 😦 first it was going to happen in september, then October, then for sure in November. And it did. Anna is moving. She is only moving to Dixon but her parents just aren’t able to get her to our gym anymore. NOOO ANNNAAA Don’t go! All of us tried to figure out ways to make it work for her but it really happened. She moved to another gym right after Thanksgiving. It was another sad day for Kylie and I. We will miss you Anna and Tot! I know we see you sometimes but it is not the same… Come back! This page will go to our memories of them and all of our fun times.

Also, before Anna left our coach Annie made this cool video of some of the skills we got over the summer. It’s pretty cool to watch.






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