New Years Eve!

We had a small New years eve party this year.  Kylie came and she brought me a gift – a banana holder 🙂  Some of you may think it’s a strange gift but I’ve always wanted one for some reason and she knew it.  Thanks Kylie, I love it.  Also, Cierra (one of Ari’s best friends)  and her family came and Hannah (One of Ari’s best friends) and her family came.  Shaun our cousin came and Tina and Cierra came too.  My Nonni and Papa came but only stayed for a little bit because she wasn’t feeling very good.  We played the “Guess who I am game”  and 4 on a couch (that is a fun game)  and Pictionary.  We had a little excitement go on before pictionary – just random stuff happened.  Then during Pictionary Tina kept saying Timeout Timeout – What is the category???  It was always on the all play squares and there was never a category.  At midnight we did the count down, had apple cider then ran outside because our neighbor always does these huge loud fireworks.  They are sooooo loud and set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood but all the neighbors are out waiting for them to go off so no one complains and it’s kind of a tradition.   Then Happy New Years!!!  I’m excited for this year and hope it is really great.



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