Nana Nina’s Birthday breakfast – Palace Hotel SF

The Sunday after my first meet, we went to the Palace Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate Nana Nina’s Birthday.  My mom said it was a fancy hotel so we all dressed up.  When we got there, we walked in and the hotel was so big and really pretty.  It looked like a palace inside with all the decorations.  The brunch was in this big room and the food started on one side and just kept going around the room.  There was everything you could imagine to eat for breakfast.  All kinds of fruits, cheeses, danishes, meats, omelets, pancakes, crepes to order, salmon, seafood – so many desserts.  You name it and they had it.  It was soooooo good but my parents said it was soooo expensive.  This place is now in a tie for first for my favorite restuarant.  My other favorite is the Melting Pot.  Both places cost alot of money but they are so good.  I definitely recommend the Palace hotel for any celebration.



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