Dublin Black Tie Meet Finally 36.1 AA

This meet there were 12 girls in my division, me the youngest at 11 and then it went all the way to 18 years old!   I was doing good then it came to bars.  I went for my routine and then added a couple of skills.  At least I stayed on the bar!  This was a good meet for me because I flipped my full on vault for the first time and landed on my feet!!

Vault 9.25 5th place

Bars 8.175

Beam 9.375 3rd place

Floor 9.3

AA 36.1 6th place

San Mateo Invitational 2/2/13

We spent the night at our cousin Tina and Cierra’s house since they live down the street from the meet.  The meet was on Saturday at 8am.  So early!  when we got there I found out I started on beam again and I was very 1st again.  3rd meet in a row! ugg.  I was still half asleep when it was time to go.  The meet turned out ok.  I got 9.225 on beam, 9.225 on floor, 9.05 on vault and 8.275 on bars. Im still working on my bars. :/  I place 5th on vault and bars, 2nd on beam and 4th on floor.  3rd place all around with 35.775.   My first level 10 meet to get 5 medals and place on every event.  Each meet is getting a little better.  The next day I rode down with Kylie to watch her meet and everyone else who went that day.  Everyone did good, Kylie was 1st on vault and 2nd on her other events.  Charlotte and Daizsha placed 1st on everything.  Charlotte was 1st on vault, beam and AA and Daizsha won the other events…floor and bars. A couple others placed 1st on some events too.  The optional team won the beam challenge Annie gave us. 8 out of 9 stuck their routine so we get an ice cream party and a bunch of toppings. Yay!