Level 10 State Gymnastics Meet

The week before my last meet (Delta Classic Mar 9th) I was doing a swing half and kinda missed the low bar but my thumb didn’t and I dislocated my thumb. My coach popped it in a few times but it really hurt. She thought it might be broken but my meet was that weekend and I really wanted to compete. Then on that weds. I had a bad sore throat, I couldnt swallow and thought it might be strep so we went to the doctor. I had a throat infection, my doctor offered to take an xray of my thumb, she said I definatly dislocated it, it could be broken but we had to bring my Nonni to the doctor right after, so I didn’t get an xray right then. She gave me a splint to wear and said even if it was broken, I would just get a splint anyway. That weekend, I competed at the Delta Classic, I placed 3rd on vault with 9.225, 4th on bars with an 8.6, 4th on beam with a 9.2 and 4th on floor with a 9.025. My all-around was 36.050 for 4th place. Right after that meet my thumb was still hurting and I was practicing my bar routine, I was gianting towards the low bar and hit my foot on the bar, It hurt so bad I came down and rolled around for a good 5 minutes. It was bruised instantly. I tried to finish practice but it hurt too bad. I took the next day off and then went to the doctor to find out if I broke my foot, while I was there I had an xray on my thumb too. It turns out that my foot was badly bruised but not broken but my thumb was definitely broken. The doctor said it looked like it started to mend already so I just kept wearing the splint. She told me to wear it for another 3-4 weeks. I just conditioned for thursday and Friday since my foot hurt so bad and then went back to full practice Monday.

At the State meet, I finally stuck all 4 events. I had my highest all around score for my level 10 season. It was pretty cool because people from my team came to watch. 🙂 I started on bars which is my weakest event right now, and its not because my thumb is broken. I got a 8.9. Then went to beam and did a solid routine with only a wiggle on my side aerial and a step on my dismount. 9.45, Floor was next and I felt like I did my best routine I could do that day. 9.225. Then was vault. My first vault I competed was a tuck full and I landed pretty good. Annie asked me what vault I wanted to do for my next vault. I wanted to do a layout full. So I did. It was my best vault of the season. 9.55. In fact that was my best vault score in my whole gymnastics life. I was pretty happy. My all-around score was a 37.125 – I finally got a 37 this season. I also qualified to regionals!

At awards:
Vault 4th place
Beam – STATE BEAM CHAMPION (second year in a row)
AA – 4th place

I was happy. Now its onto regionals. From regionals you can qualify to Nationals but you have to be the top 7 in your division. I am going to have to have my best meet ever to make it.

Below are my floor and beam routines. My mom thought she video’d the bars but she cut it off and they couldn’t get the vault, there were too many people in the way blocking vault and my landing.

Nonni’s Birthday

We celebrated Nonni’s Birthday by going to The Melting Pot in Larkspur. It’s her first birthday since she found out she has cancer so we wanted to do something really special. We’ve been to the Melting pot in Sacramento before but they were full so we drove to this one. I like this melting pot because its in a really old building/bunker and its like a cave. We had fun, I love this place.