2013 level 10 Regionals

Phoenix Az.  We went on April 10th which was my moms birthday.  We ate at the Hard Rock cafe to celebrate.  Through the trip we also ate at TGIF in Chase stadium, Alice Coopers, Majerles, and the Tilted Kilt.  All really cool places! We took a light rail ride with the team to Tempe Az. And had popsicles, checked out the Arizona State campus and a sweet shop candy store. The day after the meet, we went to the Arizona science center and explored for a couple hours with my Grandpa, my mom, dad, Ari, Annie, Jeff, Reese and Reagan. Grandpa had us go to the planetarium and watch about the planets.  We also made egg drop devices that you drop from a story up.  My egg survived the drop! So did Aris, Reeses, and my moms.  Annie’s and Grandpa’s did not.  Right after that we rode a sky cycle which is a bike on a tight rope with a weight.  It was pretty cool.
Saturday morning was the day of the meet, I woke up and I was tired.  I stated on vault.  My first one I waited for the judges for awhile before I competed so my run was slow because my legs seemed cold/tired.  My 2nd vault was better.

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