Hi-Tech College Camp – Region 1 Las Vegas

On the weekend of October 24-26th, Annie, Taylor and Myself went to Vegas to attend the Hi-Tech College showcase.  This was not my first time traveling with my coach Annie but it was our first time with an additional teammate, Taylor.  Taylor is a Freshman so she was in the showcase on Saturday and then we both attended the camp on Sunday.  Taylor knows a cast member that is in the show “O” so on Friday night we got to go back stage and take a tour!  It was amazing!  On Saturday, after the showcase and dinner we saw “O” and then got to go backstage again.  I think it changes the show, after getting to see the backstage and really see what goes on.  It was a lot of Fun.  On Sunday, there were a bunch of colleges at the camp and we worked with some of the college coaches.  It is crazy to think of college yet, since I am not even in High School, but we’ve had colleges start to visit the gym to Observe practice.  It is really cool to know that some are there for me 🙂  Starting in March, we are going to start touring colleges, I already have a few favorites picked out but we want to see the college campus, their gym, locations and meet the coaches.    Hoping this summer will be fun!

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