About Me

I started doing gymnastics at a mommy and me class when I was 2 1/2 in Vacaville, ca. When I was 3 my mom enrolled me at Aerials Gymnastics and that is when my gymnastics career started 🙂 I also did Dance, Karate and Soccer. I actually kept doing dance until I was a level 4 and had to commit to the gymnastics team. Karate ended after a year, I think I was a purple belt but we just didn’t have time to go anymore. I played soccer until I was a level 7. That was a tough one to give up. I really like soccer and had a great team – The Butterflies. We were undefeated for years. My mom and Nonnie also put me in a bunch of Pageants when I was 3-4. I did pretty good! I won a couple of titles but my mom thought we should put our money into more activies instead. I started competing in gymnastics when I was 6, and I am still competing today! Level 1-7 I competed at Aerials gymnastics and then my coaches started their own gym, and level 8-10 (current) I have competed with Dream Xtreme Gymnastics. Dream Xtreme has been good luck for me, with a change of gym name and leo I was like a new kid. I like school, I go to a Vacaville High and currently maintain a 4.0 gpa. I have a bunch of Pets, 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 turtles, and a bunch of fish. My best friend and I even My life is Gymnastics, family and school.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. With all of your gymnastics, how do you fit in all of the other things like running a business? I am a gymnast as well and I know that during the school year things get a little crazy with homework and everything…

    • Last year I did my homework during lunch or right after school. I have independent study for p.e. so I got out a period early. The business we just do during events if we are available. We are almost out of inventory, not sure how much longer we will do it. This year, I am hoing to a new school and the have a short study hall period. I will be leaving early again and I will get out of 6 and 7th period.

  2. We love watching you at the gym. I just turned five and train at the same gym as you. I am currently in Outrageous Orbitors. I too started at 2.5 years old in mommy and me classes. How many hours do I need to train at five years old to be at the level you are at when I am your age? Also, should we consider homeschooling at some point? Thanks Nev! Your biggest fan Juliette ❤

    • Thank you! That’s cool! When I was 5 I was a level 4 and trained 3 hours a day and 3 days a week… How many hours do you train? What days do you go? I am not home schooled, although my coach wants me to be. I thinks its good to balance both, so you can go somewhere else besides the gym. I like going to school so you can see other people and do other things, but home schooling works for alot of people. Next time your at the gym try to say hi! 👍Thanks again!

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