My Skills

Vault: Yurchenko full layout
Training – Yurchenko double full

Bars: Competed – Piked Jeager, Geiner, giant 1/1, bail handstand, stalder 1/1, toe on 1/1, front stalder 1/2, Malony, double pike, toe shoot to high, Ray (stalder shoot to high)
Training – full out, Pac, Maloney 1/2, Ray II ( toe on Tkatchev)

Beam: Front aerial to scale, full turn leg horizontal, switch leap-back tuck,
Front aerial – side semi, backhandspring layout step out, side aerial-switch side, punch front, round off double full, 1 1/2 squat turn, sheep jump, switch 1/2
Training – backhandspring, layout stepout, layout step out
Squatted full turn, side aerial-layout stepout, 2 ½ dismount

Floor: Double pike, 2 ½ punch front, front handspring-front layout full-front, front handspring – double front full, switch ring, switch side ½, tourgete half,switch side popa, front handspring Rudy, roundoff 1 ½ front layout, double turn, 1 ½ turn leg at horizontal
Training – Arabian, double front, front 2/1 full

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